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J.E.T. Insurance Services

Wealth Enhancement and Preservation

Company Profile

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide insurance solutions to individuals, business owners, retirees, and their families in combination with a tax-advantaged framework that maximizes the accumulation, preservation and distribution of their wealth and enables them to live a retirement of financial security, independence and dignity.

Our Process

We will become intimately familiar with the details of your economic situation. Just like you work with your physician to diagnose your health issues, set priorities and determine an appropriate course of treatment, we will help you diagnose your estate/retirement insurance needs and recommend and craft the appropriate solutions.

Together, we can build the program that is right for you.

First, we’ll work with you to expand our knowledge of your economic situation and bring to light issues you may not be aware of. We’ll help you set priorities and act promptly on the most urgent issues.

Next, we will craft and implement the solutions that best address your needs. Because we are familiar with your overall economic situation, we are able to offer customized advice that solves each of your estate/retirement insurance needs while looking at the big picture.

We will recommend insurance products only from major insurance carriers that have a strong financial rating.

Finally, we will meet periodically and review your insurance needs. As your life situation changes, we will continually reassess how your existing insurance solutions align with your present and future needs and goals.